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The Barbados Youth Climate Action Summit and Expo

There is no doubt that Small Island Developing States must play a role in the fight for climate justice. After all, these states contribute minuscule amounts of carbon emissions and experience some of the worst effects of climate change affecting its people, their lives, and livelihoods. Barbadian children and youth continue to lead the charge highlighting the importance of action, meaningful engagement rather than simple talk. Together, the people, children and youth of Barbados and their leaders, stand ready and at the forefront in the fight against the Climate Crisis.

The Barbados Youth Climate Action Summit and Expo in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification will be a hosting a hybrid event, with its physical base at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Bridgetown, Barbados and online streaming via Zoom and on the Ashley Lashley Foundation’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

At COP 26, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, asked a crucial question, “When will our leaders lead?” Though, the intention was addressed to our world leaders, it must be noted that leaders or rather world leaders does not simply come under the scope of those Heads of Governments, but those of us who are willing to stand up and take action like our children and young people who have been setting this example and leading this fight.

All Covid protocols will be adhere to.

Barbadian Climate Activist

“No matter how old you are. You can make a real change on big issues like the climate crisis.”
Maria Marshall
UNICEF Youth Advocate
“Countries on the frontlines of the climate crisis have contributed least to the climate crisis. Yet they face disproportionate impacts.”
Selwin Hart
Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General and Assistant Secretary-General of the Climate Action Team
“Building resilience around climate change is about investing. We need to include non – sectors in the climate discussion. This includes the involvement of persons living with disabilities and persons involved in the creative economy.”
Ashley Lashley
– UNICEF Youth Advocate, Executive Director of the Ashley Lashley Foundation and Miss World Barbados 2018

Thematic Sessions

Youth Accelerating Action


Unquestionably, the youth cannot stand aside and watch their futures erode. This session will provide our children and young people with information about how youth participation can be enhanced within global discussions. How can we amplify the work that is being done by Barbadian youth? How can young people shape their countries’ climate decision making processes and contribute to their Nationally Determined Contributions? 

Resilient Recovery


One key takeaway from the COVID pandemic is that of sustainable recovery. These sessions will look into sustainable recovery and the development in energy, finance, adaption and tourism with nature-based solutions. For adaption to occur, there must be a measurement to where we are as an island, where we are going and if it is enough. Under this sub theme, young people will engage in a conversation with stakeholders on building resilience.

Building a Climate Conscious Community


It is said that much of the Barbadian population is unaware or unbothered by the climate crisis because they cannot see the correlation between the two. Under the thematic session of Building a Climate Conscious Community, attendees will hear the importance of climate education, the role of media in climate sensitization and the effects of climate change on women, children and persons living with disabilities.

We believe that through these engaging sessions, patrons can gain a first-hand understanding of the action or inaction of Barbadian and Caribbean stakeholders, whilst highlighting the ingenuity of the Barbadian people and how they have been working steadfastly in cooperative efforts for climate justice.

Key Components of Summit


The Expo

Our Expo will showcase the ingenuity of our school students, non-governmental organisations, Government entities and the private sector who are innovating and problem solving around the climate crisis.


Student Climate March

Our Climate March will be a reflection of how Barbadian children, young people and civil society feel about the impact of the climate crisis on their lives and livelihoods. Our children, young people and civil society will be marching because they want to demonstrate that they are fighting for their future and for their children’s future and believe that there is need to see everyone on board taking action for the climate crisis. All participants  are asked to wear a green or blue T-shirt. Our climate march will commence at the Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex Car Park, Wildey St. Michael and conclude at the Barbados Community College. 


The Climate Dance Zone

Patrons will get the opportunity to engage in various physical activities by some of Barbados’ top fitness instructors. As the incidences of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) cases are steadily rising in Barbados, this climate dance zone would be set up to make climate education fun!


Tree Planting Ceremony

As we set out, to join the Barbadian Government, in planting one million trees, this activity will see students and the general public contributing to this effort and restoring the numbers of carbon capturers across the globe.


Student Declaration

To amplify the voices of Barbadian children and youth, this declaration will call on key stakeholders to become involved in climate justice and be provided with reasons from our collective Barbadian student body. This will be presented to the Barbados Government prior to COP-27.


The Media Hub

Media accreditation will be a component at this summit which will include international, regional and local media houses.

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