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Make your mark!

Thanks to your donation to The Ashley Lashley Foundation, we will be able to advance our work on non-
communicable diseases, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change, and health and sports for
climate action. Your donations also support the initiatives and philanthropic work we engage in.

How to Make a Donation 

For donations, you can deposit money directly into The Ashley Lashley Foundation’s account at any
FirstCaribbean International Bank (Barbados) branch using the Foundation’s registered charity number,
1489. (Account Number 1001205955) To download and print a copy of our donation form, click the link
below. Please complete the form and send it with your check or a copy of the deposit slip to ensure that
your information is accurately recorded, acknowledged, and thanked for.

Deduct Taxes from your Donation!

One of the few remaining deductions you can use on your yearly tax assessment is for charitable
contributions. The Barbados Income Tax Act permits taxpayers to deduct up to 10% of their assessable
income for gifts they make to recognized charities. Please visit our website at or send an email to to contact us.