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Strengthening the link between Climate change and health activists from the Caribbean and those around the World

The HEY 2022
Ambassador Program

The 2022 HEY Ambassador Program brings together leading climate change activists for a 9-month Intergenerational program with the support of UNICEF and other partners. The program strengthens action for climate change and its impact on health, while creating a deeper connection and relationship between the HEY Community and its members through its practical advocacy efforts.

The Ambassador program provides the opportunity to take our advocacies to new heights, strengthening engagement at the community level, all while accelerating our collective work for climate justice in our respective countries while simultaneously strengthening our skills to become community leaders.

To become a HEY Ambassador you must be between the ages of 10 – 27 years of age. Our HEY Regional Focal Points must be between the age of 16 – 27 years of age.

Our HEY Ambassadors are individuals who have a passion for changing the world through climate action and have a strong will to engage and grow the HEY Campaign Community.

What do Ambassadors do?

Engage in Regional Collaborations

We create local engagement in communities in every corner of the world to promote impact and action in climate and health. With the support of our HEY Regional Focal Points, we ensure our network of young activists are always connected and involved in climate and health action.

Facilitate Action for the Climate Justice and Health

Within the HEY Ambassador Program, our partners facilitate connections and opportunities in our community for our Ambassadors to promote action within their countries and respective regions through our practical climate and health action programmes.

Develop as an Advocate

We will be hosting workshops and providing toolkits for the entire Ambassador community, connecting Ambassadors with one another and harnessing skills that are required to influence change globally.

Networking Opportunities

We create a network that identifies programs that accelerate the growth of our HEY Ambassadors.

Grow the HEY Campaign Network

Our HEY Ambassadors are representatives, promoting the HEY Campaign values and programs within their local and global networks. Their responsibility is to help us spread the word about our programs and getting more young persons interested in climate and health action.

Ambassador Roles

Our HEY Ambassador program 2022 is open to include refugees, asylum seekers and persons with disabilities and other minority and indigenous groupings.

HEY Regional Focal Points

For the first time, the HEY Campaign will be appointing Regional Focal Points to represent a specific region of the world. Those regions are Africa, Europe, North America, The Caribbean, Latin America and Asia for a period of nine months (April – December 2022).

They will be a direct link to the Ashley Lashley Foundation Executive Team and will be responsible for all the Country Ambassadors that belong to their region. Regional Focal Points will also help the ALF Executive Team in their selection process of the Country Ambassadors.

Proficient in English,

16 to 27 Years Old 

Selected persons must attend a scheduled interview with the ALF Executive Team:

Saturday 16th April, 2022: 

Africa – 9 AM UTC -4

Europe – 10 AM UTC -4

North America 11 AM UTC -4

Sunday 17th April, 2022: 

The Caribbean – 9 AM UTC -4

Latin America – 10 AM UTC -4

Asia – 11 AM UTC -4

Time Commitment: 9 Month Duration, 4-6 hours weekly

Meetings: HEY Monthly Meeting Call with The Ashley Lashley Foundation Executive Team presenting a summary of their monthly report (which would include weekly journals of their actions) and,

Monthly Regional Focal Point Meetings with HEY Ambassadors of the specified region (1 hour): 


Orientation Training – April 30th, 2022
Time: 12:00 P.M  – 5:00 P.M UTC -4

HEY Country Ambassadors

HEY Country Ambassadors will only represent one country of the world.

Country Ambassadors will be representatives of the HEY Campaign. They will be responsible for amplifying the HEY Campaign’s community’s voices and impacting their local and national communities to take action for climate change and health. Country Ambassadors will be asked to select a category in which they deemed most fitting to them and their commitment to taking action for our environment and health.

HEY Ambassador Gold 

Time Commitment: 20 hours monthly 

Exclusive access to our Mentorship Programme

Exclusive access to monthly intergenerational dialogues with climate change experts

Exclusive panelists opportunities 

Exclusive access to Youth Networking opportunities 

Consideration to all HEY Campaign Leadership Roles

Access to Training Programs

HEY Ambassador Silver 

Time Commitment: 10 hours monthly 

Exclusive access to monthly intergenerational dialogues with climate change experts

Exclusive access to Youth Networking Opportunities

Access to Training Programs

HEY Ambassador Bronze 

Time Commitment: 5 hours monthly 

Access to Training Programs

Access to HEY Campaign Working Groups

Proficient in English

10 – 27 Years of Age 

Time Commitments: Monthly volunteer hours must be inclusive of Climate Action outside of the HEY Campaign and meeting with Regional Focal points monthly 


Orientation Training – May 14th, 2022

Other training sessions would occur for the duration of the programme.