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HEY Global Parliament


The Global HEY Parliament will aim at formulating and executing practical solutions under various ministries within a twelve month period. There will be two Parliamentary sessions which will be held on 21st August 2022 and 9th July 2023, with training sessions to prepare HEY Global Parliamentarians throughout the twelve month process. In addition, throughout the twelve month period, Global HEY Parliamentarians will participate in a friendly debate with the Barbados National Youth Parliament in September 2022. 

These training sessions will be an extension of the HEY Campaign Training Sessions, however, will provide The Global HEY Parliamentarians with presentation preparation and execution, and parliamentary procedures. These initial sessions will be done on 7th, 10th and 29th August 2022.

At the first sitting, HEY Parliamentarians will present on the effects of climate change and its relationship with their ministry and will speak to the proposed solution through a practical implementation of a project or activity that they will be seeking to implement over the next twelve months. 

These practical, community centric implementations will be developed and executed with impact, problem solving and ingenuity as their main focus. Under the framework of the respective Ministry, the HEY Parliamentarian will use the twelve month period to plan and implement one project and solution to combat the climate crisis, reporting the development of this project and solution every two months to HEY Campaign.

For this first sitting , The HEY Campaign Founder will open the Parliament, before handing over to the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House will then indicate any important notices, or developments around climate change and invite the Prime Minister of the Parliament to deliver remarks, followed by the Opposition Leader, each for a duration of five minutes. 

Each Minister and Opposition Minister will be given three minutes to adequately, highlight and demonstrate the effects and causes of climate change within their country and/or region, what is presently being done, the critique of the youth on these actions and how the HEY Global Parliamentarian plans to address one issue identified within the next twelve months. This sitting will be open to specially invited guests, mentors and observers through Zoom Webinar and our HEY Youtube Channel.  

The Global HEY Parliamentarians will be participating in a friendly debate with the Barbados National Youth Parliament in September via Zoom. The theme for this debate will be The Realities of Climate Action and Having Inclusive Approaches in Policy. This debate will see youth globally, call for more robust and inclusive actions by Caribbean and other governments across the world. It is hoped that at the end of this session, a joint statement of recommendations will be presented to three Ministries of Youth and Environment of countries represented, with a HEY Ambassador/Parliament or Youth Parliamentarian assisted to follow and work with the local governments on recommendations and the implementation of recommendations.

At the second setting of The Global HEY Parliament in 2023, HEY Parliamentarians will present the practical solutions/project that they have worked on to the Parliament in June 2023, which will be recorded for the judging panel of three persons to evaluate the relevance of the project, its achievements and its sustainability. The Parliament will announce the awards at the second sitting which will include, Best Solution and Project, Most Innovative Project and Best Presenter.

Training Sessions

These training sessions will include:

Global HEY Parliament Orientation and Training Session on Public Speaking – 7th August 2022

Global HEY Training Session on Policy – 10th August 2022

Global HEY Parliament Mock Debate – 29th August 2022


The Parliament will consist of a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader, and pre- identified Ministries will be echoed within the Opposition.

Our Ministries will include:

1. Ministry of Education

2. Ministry of Gender Affairs

3. Ministry of Blue Economy

4. Ministry of Health

5. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

6. Ministry of Environmental Protection

7. Ministry of Sports

8. Ministry of Youth Empowerment

9. Ministry of Economy and Industry

10. Ministry of Arts and Culture