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The HEY Campaign has an inclusive network of global climate change activists, we ensure that our Ambassadorial team is as diverse as possible by including youth living with disabilities, minority and indegious groupings and young persons from marginalized and stigmatized communities.

Our HEY Ambassadors and other youth activists are contributing with engaging content to the campaign.

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Meet Our HEY Ambassadors from 2020

Abert Mutebi (Uganda, 27): 

Abert is an enthusiastic young scientist committed to building better livelihoods for his fellow Ugandans. As a farmer, he appreciates the importance of environmental conservation for the agricultural sector. Climate change is one of the major threats to Uganda’s sustainable development. Unfortunately, the country has experienced increasing adverse weather patterns leading to landslides and floods. Such challenges have motivated Abert to work towards seeing his people living healthily in symbiosis with Mother Nature.

Abigail Johnson (Barbados, 19):

Abigail is passionate about seeing change not only in Barbados and the Caribbean, but in the world. As a member of the Barbados National Youth Parliament, she often was given the opportunity to advocate for the needs of young people, as well as to remove negative stereotypes. As a medical student and a youth health advocate with the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, she has had many experiences and opportunities to learn, which have shaped her into the passionate advocate she is today.

Ashna Thijsen (Aruba, 20): 

Ashna is from a small Aruban town called Savaneta. She is currently the Youth Coordinator of the Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation and one of the representatives for the SDG Young Voices program representing the social sector. Her hobbies consist of painting, singing, cooking, practicing skin care routines and making playlists. In light of current circumstances, she believes it is important for everyone to give a helping hand wherever possible, which is why she has joined the HEY campaign.
Brian Grant (Jamaica, 19)

Brian Grant (Jamaica, 19): Brian Grant is a final year student at St. Catherine High School, Jamaica. He is the Deputy Head Boy of St. Catherine High School, president of Heritage Club, the Public Relations Officer of Envi Club, 1st Director of Interact Club, chairman of an aviation club and a mentor. He also enjoys playing basketball. Brian cares about climate change because it affects each and every one in his home country. He is especially concerned about private sector that do not realize damaging the environment.
Damilola Omojola (Nigeria, 25): 

Dami is a young active citizen who was born and raised in Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology. Her love for medicine made her to pursue her career in this field. Dami is currently a second-year student who loves to give back to the community through volunteering. She is a multi-talented young woman who is passionate about health, well-being, and the environment. She is also a fashion designer and spends her free time sewing, cooking and studying.
Enmanuel Perez (Dominican Republic, 26):

Enmanuel is studying journalism. He lives in a rural area and volunteers for youth groups that support community initiatives that allow participation and access to public policy and decision-making processes. Concerning the environment, Enmanuel’s engagement focuses on the production of insecticide- and pesticides-free food, to prevent harm to both the environment and human health.
Frantz Mial (Haiti, 30):

As an agricultural engineer, Frantz created an organization called Vision for Development and Leadership for the Haitian Population. He recently obtained a master’s degree in climate change adaptation in France, before coming back home to set up an organization called Action for Adaptation to the Climate-AAC-Haiti, which operates in rural areas to raise awareness among farmers, civil society, etc. Frantz is also currently employed by World Vision Haiti in a program related to climate change.
Ahmad Idrees Shekaib (Afghanistan, 21):

Idrees comes from Kabul where he started schooling as the country started rebuilding after three decades of war. His family was one of the pioneers in reinstating the medical community in Afghanistan, which led him to be an enthusiast of social reforms. Two years ago, he joined the American University of Barbados as a medical student, pursuing a career in Cardio-Thoracic surgery. As an enthusiast of different cultures, Idrees is fluent in 7 languages and a classic Persian calligrapher. He is also a member of AUB’s volleyball team, enjoys playing the guitar, and let’s not forget to mention, a decent cook and a hardcore gamer.
Jaimmie-lee Jordan (Barbados, 23):

Jaimmie-lee is currently pursuing a degree in psychology at the University of the West Indies, Barbados. She first became interested in climate change and the environment at a young age after watching a documentary explaining its cause and effects on National Geographic. She therefore understands dangers such as rising sea levels and increasingly worse hurricane seasons. She would like to use the HEY campaign to learn more and as a chance to lend her voice towards the fight against global warming.
Kev Daliza Bien-Aime (Haiti, 20): Kev realized she can make a difference aged 15 at a Heritage Rally organized by the Haitian National Commission in Cooperation with UNESCO. This was her steps to become an activist for early childhood education, women’s rights and climate change. In 2019, she participated as a Haitian youth delegate in a regional conference on resilience. As Vice-coordinator of the Haitian Heritage & Tourism Institute, she also works on motivating young people to take a fresh look at her country’s local resources and cultural background.
Letecia Roach (Dominica, 22):

Letecia holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration. She has been actively involved in different clubs such as Clean the Environment Group, National Female Football, Youth Delegate for Comprehensive Disaster Management, just to name a few. With this background, she has a great understanding of how to empower youth in safeguarding our communities. Letecia believes that education is the most powerful weapon to change our world and plans to facilitate Youth Programs in communities and schools across Dominica.
Livas Kwarisiima (Uganda, 24):

Livas is from Uganda, first of four, born to Mr. Nshemereirwe Lauben and Mrs. Kyarimpa Loy. She loves fashion designing, art and the display of the creative nature of the mind. Passionate about making an impact in society, she chose medicine as a career and considers herself a humanitarian. In particular, she aims to sensitize her fellow Ugandans about the fact that climatic changes are caused by human activities such as air pollution and deforestation, and lead to harmful greenhouse gases emissions.
Lizanne Roach (Dominica, 22):

Lizanne holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration. She has been actively involved from a very young age in various clubs such as Clean the Environment Group, Sports Club and 4-H Club. Currently working in the Government sector at the Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs, she still finds time on committing to her passion to educate and help youth before, during and after natural disasters. In the future, she plans to facilitate Youth Programs both regionally and internationally.
Mansi Sharma (India, 19):

Mansi Sharma (India, 19): Mansi was born in India and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She loves dancing, listening to loud music, and making portraits of celebrities. Soccer is one of her favorite games. Currently pursuing a medical degree, Mansi has formerly been working to provide a platform to enable girls understand the importance of menstrual hygiene. Related to the environment, she believes that reducing waste, recycling, and proper waste disposal are keys to cleaner environments and healthier citizens.
Ranako Bailey (Barbados, 19):

Ranako is currently studying International Relations with Economics at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill. As a youth advocate, all he seeks is to be a voice for his age group. He has been carrying it through various outlets such as Youth Gender Champions with the High Commission of Canada in Barbados, C.Y.A – Barbados – Human Rights Committee and the Institute for Gender and Developmental Studies. More recently, he has become a Youth Parliamentarian in Barbados. He now strives to bring awareness among youth to the all-encompassing issue that is climate change.
Rayon Brown (Jamaica, 23):

Rayon’s main aim is to be an eco-friendly person. To him, all lives are sacred from small insect to the large animals and trees. While his goal is to become an agricultural entrepreneur, he aims to prevent pollution and ecological contamination to better protect our environment and tackle climate change. As a student from the Caribbean Maritime University, Jamaica, he strongly believes that to survive and prosper, we need healthy oceans and of course a protected Planet Earth, simply because there is no Planet B.
Su-Anna Victor (Trinidad and Tobago, 23):

Su-Anna recently graduated from The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus where she majored in International Tourism Management and minored in Communication Studies. She is firmly committed to promoting Sustainable Tourism. As an Environment Health and Safety Intern at a Sandals Resort, she has been tasked to lead weekly Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points Inspections as well as Environment and Health Audits. Based on her experiences, she considers herself as a budding Tourism Enthusiast with a knack for sustainability.
Tamoy Campbell (Jamaica, 20):

Walk into a museum, and all you see is bland, boring. Nothing that resonates and has impact. This is not her way. Her goal is not to be like that piece of art in that museum. The chance to serve and impact others, is what adds the color to her life, her character, and persona. This is Tamoy. Involved in many activities and still actively engaging with organizations such as the UNESCO Youth Network, UWI STAT, National Youth Parliament, Youth Can Do I.T, she finds time to enjoy simple hobbies and going out with her friends, just to enjoy life to the fullest.

Meet our HEY Ambassadors 2021